All Presad juices are distinguished by a 100% vegetable or vegetable-fruit share. Nectars contain a fruit share of 25 % to 50 %. To the fruit juice we added only sugar, water and citric acid. Because of a high fruit share, nectars are rich with vitamins, minerals and nutrient ingredients that enhance vitality and give a youthful and freedom sensation.


Fruit syrups are distinguished by a harmonic and full fruit flavour that is preserved also after it is mixed with water. From 1 litre of fruit syrup you can prepare 8 litres of refreshing beverage.


Fruit spreads are an excellent way to diversify daily meals and they are the cherry on the top of desserts, pancakes, fruit dressings...

Let your imagination fly!


The thermostable filling has been used by bakers for several years, now is available also for you in smaller, 700 grams, packages. The specialty of this filling consists in its stability under high temperatures. This means that it keeps its initial form after heat treatment, so it’s especially suitable for baking and cooking.

Presad - Juices  

Quality products that ensure a healthy and active life style.


We produce high quality and healthy fruit and vegetable products and in the process we maintain responsibility towards the nature and our common future. We remain faithful to our rich tradition of juices and nectars production and fruit products for the food industry.


AGRA awards 2013

This year PRESAD also participated in the traditional 17. International evaluation of fruit juices, soft drinks and bottled water, which was held in August in Gornja Radgona, where we have excellent results.